NCAA Provides Look Back At 2013 Season

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With the 2014 NCAA Womens’ Volleyball season right around the corner, take a minute to pause and look back at highlights from 2013′s championship performances. Maybe it will be your team on this page next year.


You Want To Be A Volleyball Player? Better Watch This First

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This light hearted look at being a volleyball player might just open your eyes as to what it really takes to be a serious volleyball player. Thanks //


Want To Play College Volleyball? Set Your Sights Now

NCAA Women’s Volleyball is a great way to get a college scholarship. A varsity volleyball team has numerous scholarship opportunities and any high school player who thinks that they might make it onto a college court needs to begin planning early in their secondary school career. is a very valuable resource for any student [...]


Ready To “Up” Your Game? Summer Camp Is The Place To Be

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Serious volleyball players know that just regular season practice and competition is not enough if you want to get to the top. Summer volleyball camps are here to fill the void and the season is NOW. Epic sports has a great list of all the camps available to college and high school players this summer. [...]


In NCAA Volleyball, the “Court” Is More Than Just The Court

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Normally, when we say volleyball court, we are talking about the playing surface defined by the boundaries and the net. Realizing that there were lots of definable spaces that relate to a match, but are not confined to that court outline, the NCAA, in 2009, created a document that helps define these additional competition-centric areas. [...]


Concussion Awareness Spreads To The Volleyball Court

On July 9, 2014, in volleyball tips, volleyball training, by admin

The recent focus on head injuries and specifically concussions that began with football is slowly, but surely spreading to other sports. While the likelihood of a concussion in a non-contact sport like volleyball is much lower than with a contact sport, it is a real danger and needs to be understood. The combination of high [...]


Do The Call It Silly Season In Volleyball

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NASCAR has a period between the last race of the season and the new year’s opening race at Daytona that they call “silly season”. It is the time when divers, sponsors, crew chiefs, etc. jump between teams and form new alliances. Apparently, the term “silly” comes from all the silly rumors that precede the actual [...]


Vinyl Tape Adds Durability On Non-Wooden Floors

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Now that the NCAA women’s volleyball season has wrapped up, the focus on volleyball courts turns to club and rec sports, with lots of matches being played on surfaces other than traditional wooden gym floors. Matches played on tile, polished concrete or synthetic floors also need temporary floor marking, but you may find that vinyl [...]


Penn State Fans Get The Championship, But They Want More

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While they were certainly proud of their volleyball team, after they defeated Wisconsin last Saturday to win the NCAA womens’ title, they were less than happy about the media coverage the victory got. Followers of the Penn State Fan Line lashed out at national sports media for burying the victory deep in the sports pages [...]


The Most Brutal Spike In Volleyball History?

On November 19, 2013, in professional volleyball, by admin

Obviously, no one has seen every masterful spike, but this video records what might just be the meanest “in your face” shot ever seen. Half the opposing team ends up getting a shot to the head!   (function() { var po = document.createElement(‘script’); po.type = ‘text/javascript’; po.async = true; po.src = ‘’; var s = [...]